Channel Islands'

competition law

Competition in small island jurisdictions and similar relatively isolated markets is different from competition in larger, more integrated economies. Rob has a unique expertise in relation to substantive Channel Islands' competition law based on his practical experience leading enforcement of the competition law in Jersey in 2006-2011. 

Rob publishes extensively on recent competition law developments in the Channel Islands. He has been provided information on the merger control procedures in international handbooks for the past five years. For the most recent update on Jersey merger control we refer to the International Comparative Legal Guide to: Merger Control 2019.

My Jersey merger control chapter is available by copying the link   or by sending a request for a pdf-copy to   

A more extensive coverage of Channel Islands' merger procedures, not only including Jersey competition law

but also Guernsey competition law, was published in Getting the Deal Through: Merger Control 2016.  This publication

is no longer available on the publisher's website but a copy of the chapter is available on request.

In relation to Channel Islands' competition laws, regular updates on both antitrust and merger control are published

in the European Competition Law Review (ECLR), for which I am the country reporter.

Articles on Channel Islands' competition law include:

The future of enforcement of the prohibition of the abuse of a dominant position in Jersey, ECLR Issue 7 (2018),

      pp. 302-305.

Channel Islands competition law enforcement in 2017: Merger Control only, ECLR Issue 5 (2018), pp. 228-230.  

Channel Islands competition law enforcement: a new direction? ECLR Issue 6  (2017), pp. 295-296.

Channel Island competition law enforcement 2015: Getting ready for a new course,

     ECLR issue 5 (2016), pp. 176-178

Twins separated by birth: A few striking differences between the competition legislation applicable in the

Channel Islands, ECLR issue 6 (2013), pp. 326-331.

About Dogs and Barking: Jersey Competition Regulatory Authority Decision C793/11 Jersey Telecom Limited,

     ECLR issue 1 (2013), pp. 17-24.

Country reports on Channel Islands' competition law include:

ECLR Issue 1 (2017) N-1-3: Proposed changes to the merger control regime.

ELCR issue 7 (2016) N-89: Reports on an abuse of dominance decision in the aviation sector

ECLR issue 4 (2015) N-29-31; Reports on the year 2014 for competition law enforcement in Jersey and Guernsey.

ECLR issue 9 (2014)  N-75-76: Reports on the completion of market studies on the retail supply of groceries in the Channel Islands and on the supply of cigarettes and          hand-rolling tobacco in Jersey.

ECLR issue 6 (2013), N-86: Reports on the announcement of review of the costs of groceries in the Channel Islands
ECLR issue 12 (2013),N-155-157: Reports on the first year of merger control in Guernsey.
ECLR issue 7 (2013), N-103-104: Reports on the first merger decision adopted under the new Guernsey merger control regime.
ECLR issue 6 (2013), N-87: Reports on a consultation document on the future of postal regulation in Jersey and Guernsey.
ECLR issue 3 (2013), N-39-40: Reports that all parts of Guernsey competition law are in effect and looks at some of the merger decisions adopted by the CICRA during          the past six months.
ECLR issue 12 (2012), N-184-185: Reports on the introduction of merger control and legislation concerning the abuse of a dominant position in Guernsey. 

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