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Competition law focusses on the protection of competition. Competition takes place on markets, the places where supply and demand meet. There is competition if companies offer overlapping ranges of products or services in a particular location so that customers have a choice. The overlapping circles in the logo represent these overlapping ranges of products or services which are at the heart of competition economics. The globe indicates the fact that OmniCLES itself offers its services internationally. Please contact OmniCLES if you want to find out if OmniCLES can help you.

Rob van der Laan

Thought leadership

Rob has extensive experience with providing workshops and lectures on competition economics. This includes workshops at law firms, lectures at the University of Groningen, presentations at conferences and teleseminars for the International Competition Network (ICN). Rob regularly publishes articles, with a focus on the application of competition law in small jurisdictions. He was the Channel Islands country correspondent for the European Competition Law Review (2012-2021).

Publications include:

  Quantification of damages in competition litigation (with B. Augustin), Competition Litigation 2016: The Strategic View, pp.17-21.

  The IBER renewal discussion: a public policy failure? European Competition Law Review, Volume 37: Issue 10 2016, pp.403-405

  Jersey merger control chapter in the International Comparative Legal Guide to: Merger Control 2018.     https://iclg.com/practice-areas/merger-control-laws-and-regulations/jersey    

 ‘Strictness of leniency programs and asymmetric punishment effect(with E. Motchenkova), International Review of Economics, Volume 58, Issue 4, Page 401-431, http://www.springerlink.com/content/y12261un43vp3014/fulltext.pdf


OmniCLES is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under no. 59977078. Copyright 2014 OmniCLES. All rights reserved. 

OmniCLES is an independent economic consultancy providing advice and services to or through law firms in relation to the economic questions that emerge in the context of competition law. CLES stands for Competition Law Economic Services, omni refers both to the comprehensive range of services and the fact that OmniCLES offers its services throughout the world. OmniCLES was founded in 2014 by dr. Rob van der Laan. Rob has 20 years experience in the application of competition law and in particular the use of economic theory therein, of which 10+ years at national competition authorities and several years as an advisor in a leading international consultancy.

OmniCLES strives for customer satisfaction by providing excellent value for money. OmniCLES charges a fair and competitive hourly rate comparable to the partner rate in a medium sized lawfirm. This competitive rate facilitates cooperation in most EU jurisdictions. OmniCLES generally does not charge for time spend on travel, another factor facilitating international engagements. For more information on the hourly rate, contact OmniCLES at rob.van.der.laan@omnicles.com.

Rob is an internationally recognised expert in the application of competition economics. Rob’s qualifications include a PhD in law and economics, an MSc in economics and an LLM in international law. Rob keeps in touch with his alma mater, the University of Groningen, by providing guest lectures on competition economics.

Rob works as a private consultant since September 2011. Prior to founding OmniCLES in early 2014, Rob led the competition economics proposition for EY (Ernst & Young LLP) from  London. Projects performed whilst working for EY include the review of data taken for indications of potential infringements following a dawn raid, advising in relation to a leniency application and providing economic analysis for merger applications.

In the period 2006-2011, Rob was responsible for the application of competition law in Jersey as the competition expert at the Jersey Competition Regulatory Authority (JCRA). Responsibilities included the enforcement of all areas of competition law including merger control and the prohibition of both anti-competitive arrangements and the abuse of a dominant position. Rob has very much kept in touch with competition law developments in the Channel Islands and is the Channel Islands’ country correspondent for the European Competition Law Review.

In the period 2001-2006, Rob was a senior member of staff at the Dutch competition authority Nma (the current ACM). Major projects include the market investigations of the motor fuels market and the construction market. Rob developed and lead the analysis of leniency applications for the cartel investigation in relation to the Dutch construction sector. He was subsequently seconded to the Ministry of Economic Affairs, working on public procurement legislation using his experience on bid-rigging.

Rob was the in-house competition law expert at the finanial service provider Achema, a Fortune Global 500 company in the rperiod 2016-2023.

Rob is currently advisor to the Saudi Arabian competition authority