Channel Islands'

competition law

The Channel Islands are probably best known for their historical sites and much less for their local merger control regimes. I had the privilege of working at the Jersey national competition authority during its formative years 2006-2011, and I have kept an eye on developments in the Channel Islands ever since: I reported on Channel Islands’ merger control procedures in the “Getting the Deal Through” Merger Control publications issues 2015 (pp.91-91) and 2016 (pp.85-91). I reported on Jersey (only) developments in relation to merger control in the “International Comparative Legal Guide to” series on Merger Control in 2017 (p.214-219), 2018 (p.185-190) and 2019 (p.227-232).

In January 2020, OmniCLES have published a 60-page study on CI merger control to help lawyers determine whether there is a need to notify the Jersey and Guernsey competition authorities. The study includes a list of all merger decisions by the Channel Islands’ competition authorities with reference to the sector in which the Parties were active to allow for a quick identification of potentially relevant precedent. The study also includes other potentially useful information for future merger notifications, such as the timing of Jersey and Guernsey applications versus the associated EC notification in previous cases. The study is available as an electronic (pdf) document for a price of 199 Euro. Please place your order at Please note that at this time, the pdf is for sale only to clients with an EU VAT registration number.

I also wrote 23 reports and articles on competition law in the Channel Islands during the period 2012-2021 as the country reporter for the European Competition Law Review:

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