For urgent assistance during a dawn raid please call  (* temporarily unavailable*).

Dawn raid support

A dawn raid by the Dutch competition authority ACM or by the European Commission is often unexpected but always inconvenient. The factor time is crucial, many decisions may have to be taken within a very short span of time and possible without optimal access to key decisions makers. Rob has both participated in many dawn raids and assisted during and after dawn raids on behalf of target of the dawn raids.

OmniCLES supports companies and their legal advisors during these crucial hours and days with the following services:

1              Managing supervision of the capturing of electronic data and the analysis of these data.

If a competition authority captures unnecessary data this will result in additional costs for all parties involved. Good communication and supervision during this stage of a dawn raid is essential. Rob has a unique combination of skills to perform this task: He has performed the data analysis for anti-trust investigations, he has worked extensively with leading forensic IT experts and he has legal expertise required to flag potential issues with your lawyer. OmniCLES allows the lawyer to focus on the legal questions raised during the dawn raid, increasing overall effectiveness and efficiency.   

2              Managing the analysis of data captured by the competition authority

An dawn raid may indicate that the target company is in a race for leniency. It is crucial that the analysis of the data captured is performed as quickly as possible. Rob has extensive experience with managing the analysis of the captured  data immediately following the receipt thereof. Rob will make the best use of internal and external assets to manage the review of the data in close coordination with the lawyer, the company and forensic IT specialists.

3              Quick response in relation to dawn raids in the Amsterdam-Hoofddorp-Schiphol region

Time is of the essence if the ACM of the European Commission announces its presence. The offices of your lawyer may not allow for a physical presence at the target location within the time permitted by the authority. OmniCLES provides access to a competition law specialist within the shortest possible response time for target location in Hoofddorp - Schiphol, providing a physical presence until the arrival of your lawyer of choice. OmniCLES is based in Hoofddorp, providing unrivalled response times to dawn raids at target locations in the Hoofddorp – Schiphol area. Additional municipalities within 30 minute driving radius include Amsterdam, Haarlem,  Amstelveen and Aalsmeer.

4              Providing additional capacity during a dawn raid

A dawn raid often targets several locations and staff within a company. Maintaining track of developments may be achieved more effectively and efficiently with increased manpower. Good supervision requires expert knowledge on for example the legal powers available to the competition authority and an understanding of the scope of an antitrust investigation. OmniCLES can provide additional eyes and hands to deal with the situation.

For urgent assistance during a dawn raid please call (temporarily unavailable).

Please note that the normal hourly rate applies also for dawn raids support.